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Q: What is Kaleb House?

A: Kaleb House is a residential recovery program providing a safe home-like environment for families and child survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Our goal is to provide a biblical covering through redemption and love while preparing them for long-term success. We are dedicated to helping provide resources and tools for restoring the heart so life can become whole, wounds are healed, and hope is brought back. 


Q: How much is registration?

A: In-person (12 years +) $250, In-person Child (11 and under) Free, Virtual $45

Q: What does registration include?

A: In-person4 Classes, Ruckus Tshirt, Ruck Level Patch, 2 Lunches, Shabbat Bible Study & Worship Session, 5k Ruck, Awards Ceremony, After Party, Access to Incredible Vendors

Virtual- Ruck Level Patch, Virtual access to Ft. Smith Ruck (3-10-24)

Q: What are the ruck levels?

Boots- 10 lbs, Grunts- 20 lbs, Team Guys- 30 lbs, Cool Guys- 50 lbs, Mother Rucker

Q: Do my kids need to register for the event?

A: All our classes have a seat limit. Children 11 and under are FREE. There is still a registration option for children, so we have the proper seat count. Babies and toddlers (who can sit in their parent's lap) do not need to be registered.

Q: What does Mother Rucker mean?

A: Mom walking with children in either a stroller or baby carrier.


Q: Is there required attire?

A: No.

Q: I don't own a rucksack.To be able to participate in the Ruckus, do I need a rucksack or can I borrow /rent one?

A: You do not have to have a military-style rucksack. You can use a backpack or any other bag you own to carry the weight you sign up to ruck with.

Q: Can we bring rifles and/or pistols and open carry?

A: All Arkansas gun laws MUST be followed. There will be designated security on-site so attendees do not have to fill that role. 


Q: Are there campgrounds nearby?

A: Yes. Campgrounds are listed on our Accommodations Map on the homepage.

Q: Where are the Vendor Terms & Conditions?

A: Vendor and Sponsor Info- Vendor Terms & Conditions- Click the red button on T&C page

Q: I want to offer my services. Who do I contact?

A: Sarah Williams, Event & Fundraising Manager-

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